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03/07/12 home page logo new image (Lorna)

03/07/12 home page logo new image A couple ideas for the homepage photo–Might we stage a “mass photo” some Sunday, Lorna, with a couple weeks’ notice, either with folks holding letters that spell something–“you are welcome here” or “fully alive!” or some other such “nonsense”? The other thought would be putting together a collage of clips of photos of the …

03/07/12 change weddings on worship page (done)

03/07/12 change weddings on worship page (done) On the worship page, I think we should either specify “traditional and same-gender weddings” under one category or, second choice, replace “Civil Unions” with “Same-gender weddings” because I don’t know of anyone who wants a civil union when they can get married. Mary

03/07/12 insert “grown” in Mary’s bio (done)

03/07/12 insert “grown” in Mary’s bio (done) Insert the word grown before children in Mary’s bio This is on home page and worship page – separate instances Mary

03/07/12 Home/Worship logo images (done)

03/07/12 Home/Worship logo images (done) Use choir picture as lead for the “worship” page (rather than the two lilies) Use woodcut or some other photo for the homepage. Mary

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“Promise or Threat?” Gen. 17:1-7, 15-16, Mark 8:31-38

Who of us, honestly, would not respond like Peter did to Jesus’ assertion that the “Son of Man,” the “Fully Human One,” the Messiah, must undergo great suffering and be rejected by the elders, priests, and scribes, and be killed? Would we even have heard that final phrase–“and after three days rise again”? After all, Peter has just identified Jesus–this …

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“The Sign of the Bow” Genesis 9:8-17, Mark 1:9-15 2/16/12

The season of Lent begins in brutal honesty. The story of Noah and the ark – for all the children’s toys and Bill Cosby comedy monologues it has inspired– is a pretty dark tale. God got so sick of the violence and corruption on earth that God destroyed all flesh except Noah and his family and a remnant of all …



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