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Come, Seek, Pray, Learn.. Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” wrote the great poet and author Maya Angelou. At Second Congregational Church, on this last Sunday in June, 2 weeks after the killings in Charleston, SC, Rev. Mary Lee-Clark will reflect on our response to that tragedy and the long-standing wounds of our nation, in her sermon entitled, “The Caged …


Solar Panels dedicated on Summer Solstice

On Sunday June 21, the Summer Solstice, we dedicated our 72 solar panels, installed this spring on our south-facing roof – dedicating them to God’s glory, not just to lower electrical bills. The Bible begins with the story of God’s creating the heavens and the earth “in the beginning.” It’s not a scientific report, but rather a truth-telling story of …


Dedication of Solar Panels


Grilling for the church picnic


Pentecost May 24, 2015

During worship on Pentecost Sunday, congregation members built an altar by processing up the central aisle of the sanctuary and placing red and yellow candles on the communion table. Many people wore red to celebrate the flames of the Holy Spirit alighting on the heads of the disciples on the original Pentecost. After worship, the congregation gathered outside for the …

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BIRTHDAYS AND CELEBRATIONS June 30 – Meredith Wilder July 1 – Mary Hope Coffield, 17 July 3 – Al Ray If you would like your or your child(ren)’s birthday and/or turning age printed in the announcements, please write your name and/or birth year on the appropriate date on the 2015 calendar hanging by the office door. ****************************************** Sunday June 28 …

Digital Foto Project 2 Metal Scrap Heap A

Update on Eaarth Advocates

The cold reality of human impact on the environment Update on Eaarth Advocates’ Environmental Activism So, Why is “Eaarth” spelled with two “a’s? Answer: Because the earth that God created, and that our grandparents grew up on, no longer exists. It has been changed irrevocably by human activity. Bill McKibbon in his book Eaarth uses the different spelling to denote …

Easter Bloom 2014

Easter Bloom

In Lent last year, 2014, a fire-pit bowl was brought into the sanctuary and filled with stones from a local stream. People of the congregation were invited to write their concerns, regrets, and “sins” on purple slips of paper and to slip them in between the rocks. On Easter the bowl was transformed with greenery and bright yellow forsythia. Later …

Maundy Thursday 2April2015 2

Maundy Thursday worship service

Maundy Thursday worship service of simple supper in remembrance of the Last Supper, with communion, music and readings:

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