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"The glory of God is the human being fully alive!"

Whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey, YOU are invited to join us on the journey at Second Congregational – a church for young and old and in-between. A progressive church, with opportunities for questioning and seeking, musical and mission-minded, we were Vermont's first “Open and Affirming” congregation and welcome - into the worship, fellowship, membership, and full life of our church - all persons of faith and those seeking faith, regardless of race, social or economic status, physical abilities or sexual orientation.
  • It’s Rally Sunday at Second Congregational Church this Sunday! Worship begins at 10 a.m. as the whole church family gathers together.  After a Time for the Children in All of Us, children up through grade 5 are dismissed for Godly Play and the Middle- and High-school Class meets. Rev. Mary Lee-Clark s sermon, based on the reading from Matthew 18, is entitled, “Letting Go, Over and Over.”



    Following worship, the whole church family is invited to “rally” in exploring a number of different service and mission opportunities for the coming year. Tables with ongoing projects will be staffed by folks involved in different ministries, and a  None of the Above  inspiration table will help connect folks with resources and others who wish to initiate new projects and ministries. This is just the beginning of our year of inspiration and empowerment.


    Second Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, is located at 115 Hillside Street and welcomes all people of faith or in search of faith, without regard to age, race, sex, economic condition, disability, or sexual orientation. Our building is wheelchair-accessible, and hearing-assistance devices are available. For more information, call the church office at 442-2559 or explore this website further.

  • Highlighted Events and News:




    • We have closed the P.O. Box, please mail all correspondence to the church at 115 Hillside Street, Bennington.


    • 5pm Sunday Supper – every Sunday! This supper is open to the community.


    • Rally Sunday is here (Sunday, September 14th).

      Godly Play and the Middle- and High-school Class will meet for the first time this new season.

      Webster Hall and Lobby will be filled with little tables each with a sign for an area of worship, service, and/or growth. At each – before or after the service – you will be able to ask about what’s going on, volunteer to help in an ongoing or planned one-time activity, provide a new idea of your own, offer to start something completely new, and also to meet someone nice who’s already involved in that area.

    • We have no Pope or Council or Bishop to tell us what we need to do to continue becoming a more vital church. We no longer have a number of Boards which will make decisions for us. What we have is a congregation of faithful, good, and intelligent people – and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Be a part of it.


    • CROP Walk table will be in Webster Hall to learn more or to sign up. You can help change the world!


    • Adventures in Reading –I received the following response to my request for copies of the reading lists for 2014-2015: “This is a notice sent with regret that the Adventures in Reading program will no longer continue in its present form because the Recorder has become too old and infirm to continue in that position.” Former participants are invited to sign a card in Webster Hall thanking Ida Washington, the originator and Recorder of the program, for her years of work. We have many good readers here. We could make our own lists, albeit shorter ones, of books we have read and recommend to others and continue. Is there interest? David Durfee.


    • Church World Service School Bag items are on sale now. There will be a bulletin board posted with where the sales are best found. Remaining items that are needed for the bags are as follows: pencils, 24 count crayons, rulers, and hand held pencil sharpeners. Donations will gladly be taken, Pat Lafontaine is willing to do the shopping. Thank you.


    • School Nurses are collecting new or gently used underwear, socks and sweat pants for girls and boys ages 6-12. If you would like to help but are not sure what to get, donations are gladly accepted and we will do the shopping for you. Please contact Sue DeLucia.


    Looking Ahead:


    • SCC Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Team. The VT/NH Komen Race for the Cure will be on Sat. Sept. 20 at Hildene Meadows. If you would like to be on the SCC team (it’s a 2.4 mi walk) or to make a pledge, see Michelle Marchetti, Lorna Cheriton, Hamilton Topping, or Kathy Shaw.


    • Introduction to Hand Bells next Sunday, September 21, 11:30 (after Sunday Social). Please join us in the sanctuary for a hands-on, give-it-a-try experience.


    • Eaarth Advocates: The People’s Climate March will take place in New York City on September 21. This will be the largest march calling for action on the climate to ever take place. If you would like to go talk to Barbara True-Weber, or any of the Eaarth Advocates.


    • Vermont Interfaith Power and Light Conference: Sept. 27th. 9:30 am-4:30 pm at Grace Congregational Church in Rutland.  Please see Mary or Barbara True-Weber by Sept. 15th if you would like to attend.


    • Southwest Association Fall meeting Sunday, September 28th 2 pm at Rupert Congregational Church. Please see David Durfee or Mary if you would like to attend.




        • Did you know…Putting a STOP to your junk mail can help save the planet?? Think of all the resources wasted on stuff we all throw directly into the recycling! If you take a few minutes to put a stop to unwanted catalogs and solicitations, individually you might not save many trees, but if all of us take the time we can save a forest hillside somewhere in Indonesia! HERE’S YOUR CHANCE to make a difference with minimal effort: On the Fourth Sunday of each month, ( September 28th is the next collection date) bring the catalogs and solicitations you DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE EVER AGAIN to Second Congregational and place them in a collection box. WE will make the contacts to end delivery FOR YOU, and we’ll recycle them, too!  *All you have to do is bring them in*!  Two provisos:1. It takes several weeks for companies to take you off their lists permanently, so once you’ve brought in the catalog or solicitation, please be patient.2. If you have EVER bought anything from a particular company, or made a donation to an organization, they have the right to continue to keep you on their mailing list so we might not be able to remove you.  But many will remove names upon request just because it’s good business. 






        • On Communion Sundays, you are invited to bring non-perishable food items for the BROC food shelf.  Baskets will be available near the communion table.


        • All Church Fellowship would like to encourage folks to sign up to host Sunday Fellowship throughout the year.


        • The Flower Calendar is wide open.  Please sign up on the calendar if you would like to share some flowers from your garden.


    Planning Ahead:

    The following is a list of things to have on hand in case of a storm emergency:

          • Water (1 gal/person/day),
          • Food (non-perishable and easy to prepare and/eat–don’t forget a can-opener),
          • Flashlight and extra batteries, Battery-powered or hand crank radio,
          • First-aid kit that includes a pain reliever,
          • Sanitation and personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, anti-bacterial hand-sanitizer),
          • Copies of important personal documents,
          • Family and emergency contacts (written down, not just in your cell phone),
          • Blankets. Additional items depending on your family situation: extra doses of medications, diapers/baby food, games for children, pet food/medication, etc.

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