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Rise for Climate

Saturday, September 8th, thousands of actions in cities and towns around the world will take place to demand our leaders commit to fighting climate change by building a world that puts people and justice before profits. Climate Advocates Bennington 350VT will host a community potluck for all those who care about this cause. We will meet at 6:00 at Second …


Update on Eaarth Advocates

The cold reality of human impact on the environment Update on Eaarth Advocates’ Environmental Activism So, Why is “Eaarth” spelled with two “a’s? Answer: Because the earth that God created, and that our grandparents grew up on, no longer exists. It has been changed irrevocably by human activity. Bill McKibbon in his book Eaarth uses the different spelling to denote …



Living Lightly on God’s Earth: A Guide to Spiritual Practices Focused on the Environment   During Lent, instead of fasting, let’s participate in positive efforts to respond to the crisis of the earth and our part in it and to take positive steps in response.  We ask you to consider your use of carbon and other greenhouse gases and to …


Lent and EAARTH

Lent and EAARTH (1) There are a number of ways to live Lent. One is to suffer a bit, to take on an extra burden or to give something up to emulate Christ’s taking up the cross and giving up his life. Another is to spend the time feeling guilty because you have not always been the fully alive human …

OD Orange Newt

Our Congregation’s Responses to questions about the Earth’s Environmen

Our Congregation’s Responses to questions about the Earth’s Environment: Questions were posed and responses invited on posters in Webster Hall. |Environmental awareness and activities will be a focus for 2CC during Lent 2014. What are your concerns about the world’s environment? – loss of species due to global warming – loss of habitat – loss of wild scenic places – …

OD Ferns

“If you don’t preach about climate change every 3-4 weeks,”

“If you don’t preach about climate change every 3-4 weeks,” I read in one of my preaching journals, “the time will come soon when you’ll have to preach about grief every week.” Wow. Overly dramatic? I don’t know, but it sure got my attention. Many environmentalists say we’re already past the tipping point where we’re entering uncharted territory with our …

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