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A group singing carols has visited homebound church members in their homes and at the Center for Living and Rehabilitation for many past Christmases, but it would have taken a much larger batch of “figgy pudding” to serve the  increased number of singers who carpooled December 17 to visit church members whom we don’t often see at church.  At their homes, at CLR, and at the Veterans’ Home, we sang, taking requests from the folks we’d come to sing for, many of whom sang along, as well as from the singers. Besides re-connecting with friends who cannot make it to church, some of us had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to residents at CLR and the Vets Home, including expressing our thanks for his service to a double-amputee, two-tour veteran of the Vietnam War who told one of us that he had commanded a platoon, caring for his men’s psychological welfare as well as their involvement in conflict.


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