Three rooms of the Christian Education Wing were newly painted the first week of June. By 8am on Saturday June 3, Jeff Hunt, Bruce Smith, and Jennifer Clarkson-Smith had already moved heavy shelving units from Rooms 1 and 2 out to the hallway. They had also managed to move the book-laden shelves of the library out from the wall (and laid down drop cloths) so that they could paint the wall behind, letting them paint the whole room its new color, “Gardenia.” Jennifer adeptly “cut-in,” painting with a brush the edges around doors, windows, and light fixtures. Bruce and Jeff wielded paint rollers on long poles, each long sweep across the ceiling brightening those surfaces.
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Jennifer, Jeff and Bruce next tackled Room 1, the Joyful Path room. Nardine, as one of the leaders of that children’s fun exploration of God’s world, chose the distinctive blue because her extensive experience with children has shown her that children tend to become calm in a deeper-hued environment.

Since Bruce and Jeff are both professional painters, their giving their time and talent to paint these room is a real gift to our church, as was Jenn’s athletic stretch from the ladder to reach far corners.

The week before, Hamilton and I had spent a couple of rainy days painting Room 6. A number of folks in our church have brainstormed that room being a space for Healing arts, yoga, meditation as well as the exercise group, so we chose a warm beige “Gardenia.”

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