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Archive for 2017 June

Monthly Archive for: ‘June, 2017’

“Everything but God”- Jeremiah 20:7-13, Matthew 10:24-39– June 25, 2017

UCC commentator Kathryn Matthews writes of today’s assigned Scripture readings, “When the focus theme for this reading is ‘God and Sparrows,’ we have a golden opportunity to spend a little time –in the beautiful days of summer (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere)– meditating on the secret lives of small birds and vulnerable creatures.” (Sermon Seeds, 6/25/17)”Are not two …

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  Sun and Fun community festival at Second Congo: Fidel creates rhythm on the Native American drum as folks dance with the blanket of stars. Join us Saturday August 19, 10am-3pm



A worship service brimming with joyful music to honor Choir Director Emerita Linda Johnson on June 16 raised many joyful noises unto the Lord – piano, organ, chancel choir, handbell choir, Gospel singers and hymns – within the setting of the origami spiral of the Pentecostal cranes of peace.

The Jubellaire Handbell Ringers called us to worship with “Spirit Song,” accompanied by Jenn Clarkson-Smith on flute. The Chancel Choir and the Gospel Singers, under the direction of Music Director Matt Edwards, offered anthems and songs to “sing us into God’s presence.” Rev. Mary Lee-Clark’s sermon, based on Psalm 100, was entitled, “A Joyful Noise.”The spirit of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended and landed on the heads of the disciples, continued to be celebrated with the red vestment on the communion table and the spiral of origami doves of peace ascending upwards. A special Sunday Social in Webster Hall honored Linda Johnson, Choir Director Emerita, for her over 40 years directing the choir.

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“A Joyful Noise”– Psalm 100– June 18, 2017

Long before Pixar or Dreamworks or Lucasfilms, Walt Disney was the movie-maker of choice for children. “Perry the Squirrel,” I think, was the first movie I ever saw in a theater, but then there were the animated films like Peter Pan, Snow White, Bambi, Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, and Sleeping Beauty, so many others that made up the fantasy world of …

“Signposts along the Joyful Path”- Psalm 8, Matthew 28:16-20–June 11, 2017

Did you go to Sunday School? If so, what do you remember from it? I have some early impressions. I remember the smell and taste of rich butter cookies–the kind in the shape of daisies–which were the snack most Sundays. I remember the smooth, pretty pastel wooden chairs that were just the right size for pint-sized bodies. The next distinct …

Education Wing Painting June 3 2017 11 Copy Cr E1497027434523

Painting the Rooms

Three rooms of the Christian Education Wing were newly painted the first week of June. By 8am on Saturday June 3, Jeff Hunt, Bruce Smith, and Jennifer Clarkson-Smith had already moved heavy shelving units from Rooms 1 and 2 out to the hallway.

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Preparing for Pentecost

For Pentecost this year, when we celebrate the Holy Spirit coming down to settle on the disciples, folks in Second Congregational Church made over 300 origami cranes (a symbol of peace). On June 3, a group of intrepid folks created this spiral of cranes flying from a hula hoop that had been wrapped in red (the color of Pentecost) and …

“Many Voices”– Acts 2:1-21, John 20:19-23–June 4, 2017–Pentecost

If you were to walk down the street in Manhattan, or Los Angeles, or London, or Paris, or Johannesburg, or any other major city in the world, you could go for a very long time before you heard anyone speaking English. You are far more likely to hear Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Portugese, Afrikaans, Hindi, Arabic, Swahili, Japanese, in all …

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