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Here are your church members speaking our for Mother Earth In Montpelier!

Joy and Bill Thwing participated in the April 29th Montpelier Climate Rally which occurred Sunday afternoon after two days of their participation as delegates to the Annual Meeting of the Vermont United Church of Christ Conference at Lake Morey VT.  It was a beautiful day and there were about 3000 people gathered on the State House lawn to hear Bernie Sanders, Peter Welsh and various other state climate change activists and legislators.  Everybody had creative signs and messages on display.  One group from Barre were singing peace songs a capella and in harmony while moving through the  crowds carrying a flock of large white swans on poles which were flapping gracefully in the light wind.  Various faith-based climate booths ringed the perimeter of the lawn. Photos are of the rally as are the haiku Bill wrote while lounging on the grass.


While Bill and Joy were in Montepelier, Marshall and Cindy Hudson-Knapp, also of Second Congregational Church, journeyed to Washington, DC taking some twenty papier mache “bees.”  Cindy, an artist, had directed the creation of this “hive” by a group in Bennington prior to the marches.  A group of young people carried the “bees” at the front of the march, while Marsh, outfitted as Mr. Tree was as green as Second Congregational Church’s commitment to the environment.
Haiku – 19 Montpelier Climate Rally (Apr 29, 2017)
Earth Day…Montpelier
Thousands gather on the lawn
State House grass comforts.

Great signs of all kinds!
“We are all hot and bothered”
“Oceans are Rising!”

Butterfly floats by
Young girl wearing orange wings
Monarch must not die!

Each one gathered here
Believes the Earth is sacred
Please don’t violate

White swans glide thru air
Artists carry them in pairs
Singing as they go.

Earth is our Mother
Nurturing us from birth
She’s under attack!

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