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“Dancing with God” Jonah 3:1-5, 10, Mark 1: 14-20 1/22/12

Change happens. It’s not an option, really, as much as we might dig in our heels and resist. Change happens. Our bodies are changing constantly, with literally a new skin every 7 years, and every breath a dynamic flow of a concoction of air that moves through and is transformed in our bodies. The earth is in constant rotation around its axis and orbit around our sun, and the whole galaxy is on a pilgrimage outward. Change happens.

“Searched and Known” Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18, John 1:43-51

When my daughter Meredith was around 4 years old, we traveled together down to Florida to participate in my cousin’s wedding. It was in December, so, as it happened, Meredith had to miss the visit from Santa Claus to her nursery school. We flew first to Greensboro, NC, where my parents were living, and they took us to a nearby mall that afternoon, to see if we could find one of Santa’s “team” there. Sure enough, “Santa” was on his Santa throne, and as it was the middle of a weekday afternoon, Meredith was able to go right up to the old elf. “Well, hello there,” said Santa. “What’s your name?” Meredith smiled conspiratorially. “Oh, you know.” She had heard the songs and the stories. Santa knows every child, whether they’ve been naughty or nice and all that. So, of course, Santa knew her name. “You know,” she said with great assurance. The man laughed, and said, “Sure I do, but why don’t you just remind me?” “You know,” Meredith said again, not giving in. The poor man looked up at me, and I just smiled and shrugged.

“The Mystery Revealed” Ephesians 3:1-12, Matthew 2:1-12

I imagine a dark-skinned man with traveling robe and rucksack draped over his arm, crows’ feet deeply etched into the skin around his eyes, gray hair interspersed among the black.
There will be no camels; [he says]
we are going on horseback,
at least for some of the way.
And we won’t arrive there
a few hours after everyone else.


Q. Can I get married in Second Congregational Church? If you have never been to worship at Second Congregational Church, we invite you to attend at least one worship service (Sunday morning worship is at 10 o’clock). That way you’ll get a sense of who the pastor is, what the church “feels” like, etc. If, after worshipping with us, it …

Civil Unions

Q. Can we have our Civil Union performed at Second Congregational Church? We are proud that our church was the first UCC congregation in Vermont to become an “open and affirming church” meaning that we welcome all people of faith, or in search of faith, without regard to age, race, sex, economic condition, disability or sexual orientation. We invite you …

“Wisdom from the Second Half of Life” Is. 61:10-62:3, Luke 2:21-40

Christmas is about the Child in all of us, and if you were fortunate enough to experience any part of Christmas in the company of a child, you know what sheer joy and wonder that can reveal (along with the sugar highs and melt-downs). But as today’s Gospel reading also reminds us, and in the words of a poem from the Iona Community,

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