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    What does it mean to “Be the Church”
          : Care for the poor.  Fight for the powerless
          : Share earthly and spiritual resources
          : Protect the environment
          : Reject racism
          : Celebrate diversity
          : Forgive often
          : Love God. Enjoy this life


  • “The Glory of God is the human being fully alive!”

    Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, YOU are invited to join is on the journey at Second Congregational — a church for young and old and in-between. Second Congregational Church is a progressive church, musical and mission-minded, with opportunities for questioning and seeking. Vermont’s first “Open and Affirming” Congregation of the United Church of Christ, we welcome all people of faith or in search of faith to our work and worship, without regard to age, race, economic condition, disability, or sexual orientation.



    May 24 – Andrea Lampron

                       Corbin Barber

    May 25 – Nancy Jean Steffen

    May 28 – Betty Davis


    Sun and Fun Meeting: at 11:30 in the Clayton room Please join us to help plan this year’s Festival, to be held Sat. Aug 19th

    Annual Meeting of the Southwest Association is this afternoon, at the Pittsford Congregational Church, beginning at 2:30 pm. The speaker will be the Honorable James H. Douglas, speaking on the state of the nation/state/church. See David or Trudy Durfee if you’d like to go.

    Thanks to everyone who worked on and/or contributed to our Not-Really-Annual Plant Sale yesterday!


    Pentecost Sunday, June 4—You are invited to wear something red. If you’ve been working on origami Peace Cranes, please bring them in by next Sunday, May 28.


    • You may see some photographing around our church, including (as unobtrusively as possible) during worship. If you do not want images of yourself and/or your children to appear on the church website or Facebook page, you must “opt-out,” by informing the Media Team (Marsh Hudson-Knapp and Lorna Cheriton) or our office administrator, Erin. More details in current Open Door
    • To clarify the note in the O.D. about doing dishes after Sunday Socials, it will not take you until 1:30. That happens when one person does both the coffee and the dishes. To do the dishes alone takes about 30 minutes. Try it! You’ll not only have a clean heart but clean hands too.
    • THANKS to the volunteers on Dean’s Team for a splendid dinner to launch our “Bridge To The Future Campaign”. Kitchen: Debbie Briggs, Grace Sohn, Cindy Hudson Knapp, Dining Room: Linda Lyons, Food Servers: George & Barbara French, Susan Wiskoski, Marshall Hudson Knapp, Coffee: Amy Hale, Cake Baker: Dara Lindley, Cake Servers: Nora Parsons, Sue Diamond, Vegetarian Dish: Gene Irons, Dish Washers: George Sohn, Hamilton Topping. Everywhere: NancyJean

Climate March

Joy and Bill Thwing participated in the April 29th Montpelier Climate Rally which occurred Sunday afternoon after two days of their participation as delegates to the Annual Meeting of the Vermont United Church of Christ Conference at Lake Morey VT. It was a beautiful day and there were about 3000 people gathered on the State House lawn to hear Bernie Sanders, Peter Welsh and various other state climate change activists and legislators. Everybody had creative signs and messages on display. One group from Barre were singing peace songs a capella and in harmony while moving through the crowds carrying a flock of large white swans on poles which were flapping gracefully in the light wind. Various faith-based climate booths ringed the perimeter of the lawn. Photos are of the rally as are the haiku Bill wrote while lounging on the grass.

While Bill and Joy were in Montepelier, Marshall and Cindy Hudson-Knapp, also of Second Congregational Church, journeyed to Washington, DC taking some twenty papier mache “bees.” Cindy, an artist, had directed the creation of this “hive” by a group in Bennington prior to the marches. A group of young people carried the “bees” at the front of the march, while Marsh, outfitted as Mr. Tree was as green as Second Congregational Church’s commitment to the environment.

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Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras (which falls on February 28, 2017) is French for “Fat Tuesday,” reflecting the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season. It also refers to events of the Carnival celebrations, celebrated all over the world but especially famous in Rio de Janeiro and in New Orleans, during the weeks before Ash Wednesday. In countries such as England, Mardi Gras is also known as Shrove Tuesday, which is derived from the word shrive, meaning “confess.”

At Second Congregational Church, we celebrated Mardi Gras Sunday during February 26 worship, a celebration full of music and color. Music Director Matt Edwards, who is originally from Louisiana, led the choir and congregation in exuberant music. Altar flowers, given by Deb Perkins, were in the Mardi Gras colors of purple (representing justice), gold (symbolizing power) and green (symbolizing faith), as was the icing on the “King cakes” baked by the choir for the Sunday social after worship.

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Hygiene Kits

Folks at Second Congregational Church donated numerous items as well as money to buy items for the Hygiene Kits that ...
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Click here for slideshow Every Thursday the Singers at Second Congo practice at 7 PM with our dynamic director Matt ...
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Busy Bees

Click here for slideshow Busy Bees: Members of the Church's Earth Advocates and Climate Advocates Bennington are fast at work ...
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Update on Eaarth Advocates

The cold reality of human impact on the environment Update on Eaarth Advocates’ Environmental Activism So, Why is “Eaarth” spelled ...
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Living Lightly on God’s Earth: A Guide to Spiritual Practices Focused on the Environment During Lent, instead of fasting, let's ...
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Lent and EAARTH

Lent and EAARTH (1) There are a number of ways to live Lent. One is to suffer a bit, to ...
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    Telephone: 802-442-2559,  e-mail: bennscc@sover.net

    Or visit the church
    From middle of town intersection of Routes 7 & 9,  take Route 7 south 2 blocks.
    Turn left onto Hillside St.  (just before Friendly’s).

    Church is located on right at top of hill.

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